SHINee’s Onew and 2AM’s Jo Kwon join INFINITE’s Sunggyu, Ji Chang Wook, and Kang Ha Neul in musical “Shinheung Military Academy”  in  News

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SHINee’s Onew and 2AM’s Jo Kwon join INFINITE’s Sunggyu, Ji Chang Wook, and Kang Ha Neul in musical “Shinheung Military Academy”

Organized by the Army Headquarters and organized by the Army Creative Musical 'Shinheung Jindo School' produced by Shonot Co., Ltd., concluded the national tour performance last year, and the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea We return to commemoration performance. 


In September 2018, the Army original musical 'Shinhung Attending School', which presented its first performance at the National Museum of Korea in the Theater of the National Museum of Korea, was held on the backdrop of the 'New Independent School', the roots of the ROKA Army, It is a work dealing with. It dynamically depicted the stories of ordinary youths who devoted everything in order to regain the country that was rebelled against Japan and robbed of Japan. The musical 'Shinhung Independent School' is scheduled to be held in front of the audience again on Feb. 27, in order to confirm the encore performance in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the 3.1 movement and the temporary government of Korea in 2019.

On January 6th, the musical "Shinhung Jindo School" which lasted four months of the national tour concert in Daegu finally announced the birth of a new classic musical that attracted the appreciation of the critics and the audience. In September of last year's Seoul concert, it became a major player in the emerging musical genres such as Interpark with the overwhelming advance rate and winning the No. 24 ranking in Yes24. The popularity and enthusiasm of the work also continued in local performances such as Seongnam, Andong, Mokpo, Jeonju, Ulsan, Daejeon, Gangneung, Busan and Daegu. It has received great love from all over the country, including 12 cities in the country, 65 performances, and a total of over 52,000 spectators (including 12,000 ROK soldiers). The Shinhung Independent School has achieved the record of the most performed and most performed performances of the military musicals produced by the Army including the musicals 'Mine', 'Toward Life' and 'The Prime' And left the significance of expanding evenly the opportunities for the enjoyment of the culture of the whole people as well as the soldiers.

The Shinhung Independent School, which has a solid story, grand music, and a spectacular performance, is a musical with a total of three trials. From 1907 to 1920, the story of devotion, tears and laughter Vividly drawn. The development of a story that shows a close-up of the drama of the character in the work evoked the sympathy of the audience. Especially, young and lively young people represented by Donggyu, Faldo, Hornal, and Hyeolan showed a step of noble sacrifice according to their beliefs. The music, which emanates young and intense energy, boasts grandeur and captivates the audience. The best musical actors such as Lim Chung-min, Lee Tae-eun, Shin Hye-ji, Lee Jung-yeol and Oh Jin-young, who acted as actors, . Lee Hee-joon, Park Jung-ah's composer, Kim Dong-yeon, etc. The meeting of creative Choi Jeong-Sang in Korea raised the perfection of the work. 


The audience and the criticism of viewing the work are likely to be able to erase the prejudice that "the work that lifts patriotism that has been forgotten for a while in bustling everyday life," "the military musical", " I feel more and more because it is a historical fact. " As a proof of this, the musical 'Shinhung Independent School' is nominated for the 7th Yeongdeung Musical Awards' Best Actor ',' The Third Korean Musical Awards', 'The Korean Musical Awards',' The Fox Rookie ',' It is proved that it is the best work in the name of the name in the second half of 2018.

In 2019, the Army creative musical "Shinhung Independent School" encore performance, which is set to become more and more new, will show the upgraded performances in line with the new venue environment while maintaining the merit of the first performance. The choreography that crosses the music and the martial arts that occupy a large part in the work, which reminds me of the song-through musical that draws all stories through music, becomes more colorful and dramatic through the modification process. Stage frames, panels, revolving stage and stage sets that maximize the dynamism of the changing era are newly designed to meet the encore performance scale. We will actively incorporate new ideas into the stage, lighting, and video to make action scenes including the battle scenes of Cheongsan-ri look more dynamic. In addition, the stereoscopic effect is added to the narrative of the main character to increase the density of the drama. 

It is a long-term performance that lasts for about two months, so major casts such as' Donggyu ',' Faldo ',' Jiecheon 'and' Actor Jang Chang-wook (chief of staff) and Ko Eun-seong (Lee Byung-jin) are the outstanding students of Shin Young-joo's school, a son of a largemouth who has protested against the invasion of national rights. Actor Kang Hee (Corporal) and Jo Kwon (actor) play the role of 'Faldo', which is growing up as a good student in the new school. After graduating from the Military Academy in Japan, actors Kim Seong-gyu (1) and Lee Jin-kyu (2) (Lee Byung-jin) will join together in the 'Chichungcheon' station.

The actor Lee Tae-eun and Hong Seo-young will be in charge of the "Nabal" station, which is active as a student at the new unaffiliated school. After he grew up in the hands of the grandson, Hye-ran, who helps the independence army in the Shinhung Independent School, plays actors Lim Chang-min and Shin Hye-ji once again. The actor Kim Sung-ki has been cast as an actor Lee Hyeong-young, while actor Kim Tae-Moon has been cast as an actor. 


Actor Oh Jin-young takes on the role of Lee Eun-sook, a female independence activist in the West Indies. Actor Jang Sang Hyun, who performed the imperialist policy, and actress Kim Min Ho (Il Byeong), who concluded a treaty on the merger of Japan and Korea, will be with Lee. At the forefront of the independence movement, the 'instructor' role was taught by the young actor Lee Jae-gyun (Lee Byung). In addition, performances and songs, martial arts and dance, excellent soldiers and ensemble actors fill the stage and add to the performance.

3.1 The historical value of the work is noteworthy as it is performed at the time of the movement and before the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea. In February of 2017, the Army held a contest for all soldiers in order to create a musical that anyone could relate to. In the total of 300 applications, the Army was the root of the ROK Army, and the emerging " I was selected as the last school. Considering the fact that the 'Newly Independent School' was not well known to us in the past, we have also asked the experts of the scenarios several times to make sure of the historical facts. The Army hopes to become a meaningful opportunity for Korean soldiers and all Koreans to feel the sense of independence and feel proud through the musical 'Shinhung Independent School'.

The Shinhung Independent School is a school for educating the cadets who set up in 1911 in the name of 'Emerging Races' in 1911 in Jilin province in order to avoid the surveillance of Japanese imperialism, after Lee Yong-young, six brothers, Sang Ryong, Kim Dongsam and Dong- Until 1920, Kim Won-bong and Kim Sun-young and more than 2,000 independent military officers and 3,500 graduates were released. They led the battle of Cheongsan-ri, and they set up outstanding performances and honors in the military, the march, and the occupation. In 1919, Dong Nyun was the first prime minister of the Provisional Government of Shanghai, and Sang Ryong was the first Prime Minister of the State. Kim Dong - sam was appointed chief of staff of the military affairs and led the independence army together with Ji - Chung River, building a military base in the Andean jungle. In 1931, Lee established the Anti-Japanese Alliance and led the Japanese consulate and the dismantling of transportation of military supplies such as Amoy and Tianjin. As such, the Shinhung Independent School is a product of the strong and independent spirit of the Korean people and is the cradle of the anti-Japanese armed struggle, and it is regarded as a stepping stone for establishing the interim government of the Republic of Korea. 

The musical 'Encouragement Academy' encore performance will be performed at the Kangrim Art Center BBCH Hall from February 27th to April 21st. 

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