Busker Busker

버스커 버스커

Busker Busker( Hangul :버스커 버스커) is a Korean indie band , most famous for their runner-up performance in the Korean music audition television program Superstar K3 of Mnet . From November 14, 2011 until December 10, 2011, Busker Busker suspended all public activities.However, they have since resumed their activities by participating in the Superstar K3 Top 11 Tour Concert and are, as of June 24th, 2012, done recording their first and second studio album apart from the other Top 11 contestants.Their members consist of guitarist and vocalist Beom-June Jang ( Hangul :장범준), bassist Hyung-Tae Kim ( Hangul :김형태) and drummer Brad Moore (full name: Bradley Ray Moore).

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 Busker Busker's Biography

Before Superstar K3

The group Busker Busker was founded by the band's guitarist and lead singer, Beom-June. His vision was to create a busking art group that focused on street performances and sought to bring an artistic cultural presence to the streets of Korea. His vision included all art mediums, not just music, and he sought to create festivals that would showcase the budding talents of local artists. Members of Busker Busker included university students, mostly from the Cheonan campus of Sangmyung University. Prior to Brad joining the band, the band's name was Pinky Pinky and was only a subset of the total Busker Busker group. Unfortunately, the band's drummer had to leave the band in order to keep his compulsory commitment to join the Korean Army. At that time, Beom-June and Hyung-Tae were both university students at Sangmyung University where Brad also worked as a professor of English. They met and the three became the new bandmates, renaming the band Busker Busker. However, the band was still a loose formation, as many members of the Busker Busker group would rotate in and out of band performances. The Busker Busker group set up multiple performances in a local Cheonan park in the summer of 2011, which is where the Busker Busker Band's fame began to escalate. At the same time, Beom-June, Hyung-Tae, and Brad were participating in Superstar K3 auditions as just a threesome because they were the only three members of the band to be able to participate in the audition process. After their auditions aired on TV, the band solidified into only those three members.

Participation in Superstar K3

Busker Busker auditioned for the 3rd season of the Korean audition show Superstar K. They were eliminated from the TV show after performing the song Juliet with another auditioning group, Two Gae Wol. However, despite only making the Top 48 of the contestants to tryout, the band that originally made Top 10 dropped out.As a result, Busker Busker, along with another band Haze, was given a second chance to appear on the TV show and signed on to be a part of the show's new Top 11. Busker Busker's first song on the show, Tokyo Girl, was extremely popular and the band survived the first elimination round. After continuing their previous success, the band managed to continue to survive elimination round after elimination round. Eventually, only the last three groups remained which included Busker Busker, Oolala Session, and Two Gae Wol. Going into the second-to-last show, the three groups were asked to make good on a promise they had made earlier in the show if they were to end up in the Top 3 of Superstar K3. Busker Busker's promise was a strip dance which they performed in Hongdae in front of a group of onlookers.After the live performances of the second-to-last show, and the live voting was completed, it was determined that Busker Busker and Oolala Session were to be the final two groups remaining. The last episode of the season was the final competition between the two remaining groups, with Oolala Session taking home the top prize.

Post-Superstar K3

Since the completion of Superstar K3 the group has been highly elusive and took time off from public activities to determine their music direction.This was in part due to the difficulty the band has communicating and practicing.In addition, while the band was scheduled to take part in a Superstar K3 Top 11 Concert Tour, Brad was scheduled to return home for the Christmas holidays. As a result, the band temporarily found a new drummer for the concert while Brad travelled to America. After Brad returned on January 12, the band resumed practices in order to prepare and record their first album as a separate entity from the Superstar K3 TV show.

Busker Busker 1st Album and Wrap Up Album (2012)

On March 29, 2012, Busker Busker released its first album, simply titled "Busker Busker 1st Album." The album quickly became a national sensation, with every song on the album debuting high on various charts. The album sold over 50,000 copies during its first three weeks. On June 21, Busker Busker released their “Finale Album” which contained music not included in their 1st album. Some of the songs on this wrap up album were recorded during the preparation of "Busker Busker 1st Album ", but they were left out as they didn’t coincide with the album’s theme of “spring.” The new album is again composed and written entirely by Busker Busker’s Jang Bum Jun and consists of new tracks that didn’t fit the group’s debut album’s "spring" theme. All 5 tracks took over the top five spot on Korean major online music charts, proving themself unstoppable once more.After their “Youth Bus” encore concerts on June 22 and 23, they will cease promotional activities for their 1st album.

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 Busker Busker's Albums

Song List

  1. Tokyo Girl 3:32
  2. Livin' La Vida Loca 3:18
  3. Bus Stop 3:27
  4. I Bumped into You 3:20
  5. Makkeolina 3:06
  6. 그댄 달라요 3:46
  7. I Believe 3:18
  8. Seoul People 3:26
  9. A Gift For You 4:24
  10. Juliet 3:29

Busker Busker 1st Album

  1. 봄바람/Spring Wind (Opening Track, instrumental)
  2. 첫사랑/First Love
  3. 여수 밤바다/Yeosu Night Sea
  4. 벚꽃 엔딩/Cherry Blossom Ending (Title Track)
  5. 이상형/Ideal Type (With MV)
  6. 외로움증폭장치 (브래드 드럼 한판 쉬기)/Loneliness Amplifier (Brad takes a break)
  7. 골목길/The Alley (interlude)
  8. 골목길 어귀에서/Entrance Of The Alley
  9. 전활 거네/Calling You
  10. 꽃송이가/The Flower
  11. 향수/Perfume

Busker Busker 1st Wrap Up Album

  1. 그댈 마주하는건 힘들어 (그마힘)/It's Hard To Face You
  2. 네온사인/Neon Sign
  3. 소나기 (주르르루)/Showers
  4. 정말로 사랑한다면/If You Really Love Me (Title Track)
  5. 기다려주세요/Please Wait

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 Busker Busker's Awards

  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards : Rookie of the Month (October) ("Tokyo Girl")
  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards : Song of the Month (October) ("Tokyo Girl")
  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards : Song of the Month (April) ("Cherry Blossom Ending")
  • Mnet 20's Choice Awards : 20's Online Music Award

Music Program #1

  • 벛꽃 엔딩 ("Cherry Blossom Ending")
    • 04.12 Mnet M! Countdown #1

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 Busker Busker's References

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